Oleg Saxophone Fall Promotion

The Ultimate Oleg Saxophone Package!

A Savings of $718 to $1088*
Purchase any Oleg Professional Maestro Saxophone before November 1, 2018 and receive free:

  • One Oleg Contempo Mouthpiece
  • One Olegature
  • One Bulldog Stand
  • One Oleg Original Ergonomic Strap

* Price will vary depending on instrument mouthpiece selection. 
Not valid with any other offers. 
When ordering write “Ultimate Sax” in comments box or call us at 818.904.0030

The World’s Only Optimized Saxophone, Flute and Clarinet Acoustics - Perfection Guaranteed!

Downbeat Magazine Review the Oleg Contempo Alto Mouthpiece

Having completed the get-acquainted portion of my testing, I put the Contempo mouthpiece and Olegature in my alto case and headed to a big band gig to see how well they would fare in a live performance setting—one where I would play lead alto all night and take plenty of solos. My confidence in the setup was confirmed multiple times throughout the course of the gig.” – Brian Gibson, Downbeat Magazine – Red the Full Review

I want you to sound your best and you will with my products. For more than 40 years I have put my heart into designing and personally crafting each instrument to mechanical and acoustical perfection. Your WOW is guaranteed. – Oleg

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