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Oleg Saxophones

If you are interested to become our dealer, please call us or contact by email for more information. Wholesale price list for 2014 is available.

Oleg: Clarinet,Flute and Saxophone Designer to the Stars

Oleg clarinet, flute and saxophone designer to the stars welcomes you.

Oleg is a custom clarinet, flute and saxophone designer, manufacturer & retailer servicing, not just in Southern California, but all over the world. Oleg Products is an innovative manufacturer of clarinet, flute and saxophone mouthpieces, head joints, key enhancers,reed cases,clarinet and sax stands, custom saxophone necks and other woodwind accessories. Saxophones designed by Oleg are noted for their superior sound, fine craftsmanship, beautiful hand-engraving, superbly engineered acoustics and perfect intonation. Clarinets,Flutes and Saxophones designed by Oleg have generated an enthusiastic following among professional and amateur players alike.

As you browse the website you'll find such woodwind accessories as the innovative Olegature ligature for Saxophones and Clarinets,the Bulldog Sax Stand for Saxophones and Clarinets, and the Pro Sax Key Enhancers as well. Including Clarinet and Saxophone Maestro Mouthpieces, Ergonomic Sax Straps and (detachable) Harnesses, and the one of a kind saxophone woodwind accessories wallet.

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