Oleg Pro Saxophones

Oleg saxophones are world-renowned for their superior sound, fine craftsmanship, beautiful hand-engraving, superbly engineered acoustics, and perfect intonation. Each instrument is hand-crafted to perfection using the Oleg Optimized Acoustics Method. Our horns are designed to eliminate all traditional saxophone problems such as flatness on the top register, sharpness on the bottom register, and stuffy middle C. Ease of playing on every note across every register is immediately at your finger tips with every Oleg saxophone.

Some of our color finish combinations.

Gold Matte Body
Shiny Gold Keys
Matte Silver with
Shiny Silver Bell
Matt Black with
Gold Keys
Black Matte Body
Shiny Silver Keys
Silver Matte Finish
Gold Keys
Gold Body
Gold Keys
Silver Body
Silver Keys
Black Nickle with
Black Keys